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Prices: Shoes

Prices are dependent on the design you want and the level of detail. Start price is $250 aud. When it gets to more detailed images and characters dependent on what you want, it usually comes around to $260-$350 excluding shoe price.
For example an Airforce 1 will cost either $120 or $150 depending on the size.
With what I do you can either supply the shoe or I can buy the shoe and add the design amount on top of the price.

Prices: Denim

Similarly, prices are based on the difficulty of the designs.
$60-$80 are images on back pockets
$90+ are large images on the legs Denim should be provided by the customer seeing as it needs to be the correct size.

What shoes do you customise on?

I prefer to work on ANY white leather shoes!
This can include:
Nike Airforce 1 . Adidas Superstar/ Stan Smith . Converse . Reebok

More options are available! Get in touch down below.


Payments are done through Paypal or Beem It. Full payments upfront is appreciated. However, I do offer a service where you are able to pay the cost of the shoe itself first. (This is necessary for us to buy the shoe from a retailer)
Secondly, once the custom is completed, payment for the design and shipping is required. Please send a screen shot of the receipts saying you have transferred.

Is it durable and long lasting?

Yes it is! All designs will last you a lengthy period. Properly taking care of them prolongs there life.

Shoes are sealed in with many coats of finisher, then sprayed 3+ times with a water and stain protector (Sneakerlab or Crep brand).

For denim I heat press the design in, similar to heat press t-shirts.
For the first two washes I do recommend hand washing, after that you can throw it in the washing machine inside out and on a low setting!
You cannot directly iron on the design, but can if you iron on the reverse side (inside out).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we sure do! Prices are dependent on your location.

Do I provide my own shoes/denim ?

You are welcome to provide your own items!We can also supply the footwear at your own cost. If you are unable to meet up and provide the shoes, I can purchase them through retailers. This is done by a Paypal or Beem It payment of the shoes price. e.g. Airforce 1 (Adults $150, Youth $120, Toddler $70)
Should be provided by you as it must be the correct size.


Thanks for submitting!